Jan Liefhebber - Element 115
WeAreTechno 004
Format mp3/wave
Netherlands 2019
Jan Liefhebber - Dopamine (Dark Perception Remix 2019)
ADE Compilation 2019
Mona Records format mp3/wave
Spain 2019
Jan Liefhebber - Vrijdag
WeAreTechno-X 002
Netherlands 2019
Jan Liefhebber - Rain
New World Techno Compilation 
Mona Records Format:mp3/wave
Spain 2019
Jan Liefhebber-Raw Funk 
Mona Records ADE Sampler 2018
Mona Records Format:mp3/wave
Spain 2018
Jan Liefhebber-Here we are 
New World 303 Acid Compilation
Mona Records Format:mp3/wave
Spain 2018
Jan Liefhebber-Angstdroom
ADE Sampler 2016
Mona Records 151-Format:mp3/wave
Spain 2016
Orange Room Year Mix 2015 by
Jan Liefhebber
Highland Beats HBCD 002-Format:CD
Netherlands 2015
Jan Liefhebber-Breath of Hope
The 25th chapter
Oktant Records 025-Format:mp3/wave
Austria 2014
Jan Liefhebber-Terra
(incl remix by:R.Cooper)
Oktant 019-Format:mp3/wave
Austria 2013
Jan Liefhebber-Order and Chaos
Echo Deluxe Recordings 117-Format:mp3/wave
UK 2013
Jan Liefhebber-Theme of the Unkown
Miami Sampler 2013
Echo Deluxe Recordings 096-Format:mp3/wave
UK 2013
Jan Liefhebber-Waalhalla
WeAreTechno X-tra001-Format:mp3/wave
Netherlands 2012
Jan Liefhebber-Tiefenrausch
Echo Deluxe ADE Sampler 2012
Echo Deluxe Recordings 095-Format:mp3/wave
UK 2012
Jan Liefhebber-Dopamine
(incl:James Hurricane remix)
WeAreTechno 002-Format:mp3/wave
Netherlands 2012
Jan Liefhebber V.s Nimbuz-Supernova
(Remixes by:Electric Rescue & Miss Monica)
WeAreTechno 001-Format:mp3/wave
Netherlands 2011
WeAreTechno-15 Years of Highland Beats - Part I
Mixed by:Jan Liefhebber
Highland Beats HBCD001 Format:CD
Netherlands 2010
Jan Liefhebber-The Haunting
(incl Ritzi Lee remix)
Highland Beats 041-Format12inch Red Vinyl
Netherlands 2010
Jan Liefhebber V.s Nimbuz-Supernova
(incl Drumcomplex remix)
Highland Beats 040-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2007
Jan Liefhebber V.s Nimbuz-Toxic
Hz Trax 08-Format:12inch
Sweden 2007
Jan Liefhebber V.s Nimbuz-Falling Stars
X-Trax 044-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2007
Techno Special Mixed by
Jan Liefhebber
UDC Memberclub UDCFCD05-Format:CD
Netherlands 2006
Jan Liefhebber V.s Nimbuz-Bountyhunter
(incl remix by:Pounding Grooves)
Fresh Grind 010-Format:12inch
UK 2005
Jan Liefhebber-Voodoo
(incl remixes by DJ Hansz and XDS)
V-Limited 002-Format:12inch
France 2005
Into the Machines
Mixed and selected by Jan Liefhebber
Triple Vision CD 004-Format:CD
Netherlands 2004
Jan Liefhebber-Armageddon
(incl remix by Lars Klein)
Q-Dance 022-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2004
Jan Liefhebber & Lars Klein 
Close Endcounters 
Highland Beats 033 Format:12inch
Jan Liefhebber-Boneshacker
Jan Liefhebber-Supersition
Klirfactor 004-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2003
Jan Liefhebber-Dark Perception
Synopsis 001-Format:12inch
Germany 2003
Jan Liefhebber-Search and destroy
(incl remixes by Lars Klein and Robert Natus)
Highland Beats 026-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2003
DJ Hansz & Jan Liefhebber-Future World
The 1st Strike
Giant & Dwarf Recordings 001-Format:12inch
Germany 2003
Jan Liefhebber - Umbrella Groove
Klirfactor 003-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2003
DJ Hansz & Jan Liefhebber-Conspiracy
(Incl Redhead Remix)
Highland Beats 023-Format:12inch
Netherlands 2003
Schranz Total 02
Mixed by Jan Liefhebber
Toptrax Recordings 10007-2 Format:CD
Germany 2002
Ebol Donde & Jan Liefhebber 
Equivalence Trax 
U-Matiq 006-Format:7inch (Trans.Red Vinyl)
Germany 2000
Small Paul & L'amour 
Equivalence V.s Dagobah DJ Mix
NG&6511 Network
Highland Beats/Def Star Tekno NG76511-Format:Cassette
Netherlands 1998